Upon which you will receive recognition for your achievement.

Our Craft is ancient, but it's teachings are as modern as tomorrow, as relevant as the great discoveries that await us around the next corner.

At this moment in time we call to renew our Masonic Vows, our commitment to our fellow man and our faith in God.

We have witnesses the power of Freemasonry through the actions and beliefs of those who have preceded us. It is time for us to reach out to good men who have yet to see the Light and show them the door of Freemasonry so they, of their own free will and accord, may knock.

I look forward to seeing you as we continue our journey through Masonry, Scottish Rite Masonry in particular and this life.

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The primary purpose of this Passport
is to encourage you to experience
all the Degrees presented by the
Valley of Orlando. Through the
lessons of these Degrees, we look
to the past for the great and
immovable truths of the ages. At the
same time, we are reminded that
these truths are not locked into the
past, but rather must serve to guide
us as we move into the unknown

When you witness a Degree in your
Valley, or any other Valley for that
matter, the Valley Secretary or his
designate will validate your Passport
in the appropriate block. Once you
have seen each Degree at least once
and proper validation have been
affixed, you may take this Passport to
the Valley Secretary who will then
certify that you have seen degrees
submit your Passport for Certification.